Our coverage includes the entire state of Georgia, and areas of Florida (call regarding coverage areas). We have a flat rate fee structure. There are no hidden charges for cars and passenger trucks, or anything that we appraise. Please contact us for all of your damage appraisal needs.

For more information call us at (770) 947-6145

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About us

Five Star Appraisal Services, Inc. 

​​Strategic Appraisal Solutions, Inc.

Five Star Appraisal Services, Inc. & Strategic Appraisal Solutions are independent vehicle damage appraisal companies pleased to provide you with access to a professional team of appraisers ready to serve your appraisal needs.

As a company, our goal is to provide outstanding service to our customers while covering  Georgia & Florida. We strive to be company that positively impacts our client’s claims expense ratio, cycle time and average paid severity positively. We accomplish this by providing a flat-fee to handle your assignments, quick turn-around time and appraisals written within your company’s guidelines.